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There are many reasons to holiday in Sri Lanka as Sri Lanka tourism is growing owing to its popularity as a holiday destination. It is now fast gaining reputation as a foodie’s paradise as well. And the tiny island national well deserves this accolade as it is home to mouth-watering spicy and sweet creations that definitely tantalize the taste buds. In a recent article CNN Travel listed 12 Sri Lankan dishes it deemed should not be missed. Below is a take on some of these must-eat Sri Lankan food.

Walk into any standard Sri Lankan home and your senses will be filled with aroma of spices being cooked. One of the first dishes you are sure to sample when visiting Sri Lanka is the ambul thiyal maalu which is a dry fish dish that incorporates a sour flavour that keeps you coming back for more. Another staple food in Sri Lanka is the good old chicken curry. This is basically eaten with anything and everything and while the actual method of preparation may change the popularity of this dish does not. Be it mildly spicy to eye wateringly hot you are sure to get addicted to this Sri Lankan staple.

A curry that you will always find at the table is the dhal curry. This too is prepared in a multitude of ways, from dry to spicy to what is termed as a `white curry’, the dhal dish is an accompaniment to basically everything. Other vegetarian dishes that are well loved include binjal pickles, coconut sambol and polos or jak fruit curry. All of these are also referred to as ‘rice puller’ owing to the fact that they stimulate the taste buds and encourage people to eat more. Rice dishes also usually have a mallung or green salad made from fresh leaves and dressed with salt, pepper and lime.

When it comes to the main dishes Sri Lankans love their rice, hoppers, string hoppers and kiribath or milk rice. Hoppers are a type of round pancake with a soft middle and crispy outer ring that goes amazingly well with ambul thiyal fish or chicken curry. The egg hopper as the name suggests has an egg placed in the middle at the time of cooking. String hoppers are made from thick dough and steamed as strings placed in a circle. String hoppers are usually eaten for breakfast and dinner and again with a curry of your choice. Rice that has been cooked in thick coconut milk is creamy and very tasty and can be had with a curry such as chicken, fish or potato. Kottu is fast food in Sri Lanka and is made by mixing chopped roti with a curry of your choice. It is spicy, filling and definitely a version of comfort food that has to be experienced.

End your culinary journey on a sweet note with a wood apple drink. Made by blending the wood apple fruit with water and sugar you will appreciate this natural thirst quencher. With Inspire Voyages you can experience all the mentioned Sri Lankan gastronomic delights and much more. Get in touch with us and start your culinary adventure!




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