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Be prepared to be entertained from the moment you arrive, that is the promise of a holiday in Sri Lanka. It is very hard to believe that this tiny dot of an island can hold so much and to list it all would take pages and pages. Below is a guide of some of the top things to do in Sri Lanka. For even more details you could read the Lonely Planet article on the same subject.

The Sri Lankan elephant is a popular majestic beast and to see these creatures roam around in their natural habitat is an amazing experience.  However, some baby elephants are unfortunately orphaned due to hunting and the reduction of natural habitat. The Pinnawela Elephant Orphanage was started in order to look after these babies till they are of an age to be released back into the wild.  This is a very popular tourist attraction as people clamour to feed the baby elephants and watch them frolic in the nearby river. However, each visit contributes towards the up keep of the orphanage so do make a point to go to Pinnawela.

From Pinnawela it is easy to journey to the hill capital Kandy where many of the country’s traditions are still very much alive. Check out the local handicrafts and watch a cultural show filled with traditional dancing. The cooler climate of Kandy beckons you to explore this interesting city on foot as you take in the architecture and walk around the Kandy Lake. Home to the Temple of the Tooth, Kandy comes alive during the months of July and August with the colourful Kandy Perehara.

Travel down south to the Galle city to explore the Galle Fort where you will almost feel as though time has stood still. The planned city within the Fort area still has its original paved walkways and quaint shops and cafes. Many of the old colonial houses are now boutique hotels so that you can actually stay within the Fort.

While down south go on a whale watching expedition as Sri Lanka has gained a reputation as a great place for whale and dolphin watching. Enjoy the amazing wildlife in Yala, Sri Lanka’s second largest national park. Though rare, if you are very lucky you might even catch a glimpse of the elusive leopard that calls Yala home.

This is just a handful of the top things to do in Sri Lanka and with Inspire Voyage you can enjoy a customized holiday that is filled with all the fun things you would like to do. So start planning your Sri Lanka holiday today!

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