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Sri Lanka, the pearl with so much to offer


“For me, it’s the people – the warmth, the welcome. You don’t get that everywhere, but I’ve always sensed that Sri Lankans have a very charitable and personable side. It’s a great place.”

This is how Sir Richard Branson describes Sri Lanka and no wonder. Sri Lanka is indeed a paradise island that is home to people that are warm, welcoming and hospitable. Their warmth is rivaled only by the bright and glorious sunshine that the country is blessed with. The island has come out shining from a decades old ethnic war and is now a haven for business opportunities and Sri Lanka tourism with many Sri Lankan hotels coming up to deal with influx of tourists. There is a lot of infrastructure development taking place which is helping the country be on par development wise, globally.

In recognition of this Sir Branson goes on to say: “If the conditions are right, and if I feel like there is a good opportunity – one I feel passionate about; and one that I feel will enhance not just the Virgin brand, but the lives of Sri Lankans – then, yes, it is perfectly plausible. But it’s got to be a good idea.”

This island that has been described as the Pearl of the Indian Ocean as long been attracting visitors with its beautiful and diverse landscape and attractions. Visitors can enjoy a holiday of their choice, be it beachside, cultural, adventure and even wildlife. Another great attraction is of course the Sri Lanka food that is heavenly blend of spices and herbs that create bursts of flavor in the mouth. In fact it was while in Sri Lanka that Sir Richard Branson discovered Ginger Beer.

“I love Ginger Beer, which I discovered in Sri Lanka; so I owe it (Sri Lanka) that at least.”

Sri Lanka is fast gaining recognition as a great place to live, work, business and of course to holiday. Its warm people and sunny climate instantly relax you and envelope you with a sense of peace. The country is on track to be a global power to be reckoned with as more and more business entrepreneurs find the conditions conducive for business.

Take advice from the most well-known entrepreneurs of all time and visit Sri Lanka and see what all the buzz is about. With Inspire Voyages you can experience Sri Lanka conveniently and get to know this paradise island intimately.





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