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Testimonial by a delighted traveler toured with Inspire Voyage

Testimonial from a Traveler to Sri Lanka whose Tour was organized and guided by Inspire Voyage 

Beach Tours in Sri Lanka by Inspire Voyage

There is no surprise in promoting Sri Lanka as the “Wonder of Asia.” I would say that the tourism campaigns done by Sri Lanka to attract more tourists are simply true, nothing more than that. The pristine beaches, the lovely sunny weather, friendly locals, scrumptious food items, the few rainy evenings and picturesque natural locations, there is so much more to discover and explore. I was on a 7 days trip to Sri Lanka with a bunch of my childhood friends. The trip was organized by a Tour Agent named Inspire Voyage who made our voyage very special by selecting and guiding us to the places that we really wanted to explore.

We were a group of 5 young adults with plenty of travelling experiences. We have been friends for almost 18 years and we have travelled across many countries in Africa, Asia and Europe. This time we chose Sri Lanka based on certain recommendations we found online. Sri Lanka was one of those types of destinations that has so many things to offer and bursts with natural as well as cultural attractions. Mainly nothing is too far away! Being a tiny teardrop shaped island, Sri Lanka has everything within a few hour’s drive. Compared to early days now the roads and transportation networks are being developed with new highways and carpeted roads.

Our journey throughout the 7 days mainly covered most of the beach destinations as all of us are adventure seekers and especially we are good surfers (seriously we are!). At the airport we were greeted by one of the representatives of Inspire Voyage with fine-looking orchid garland. I think it’s quite normal to welcome guests in Sri Lanka by putting such beautiful garlands which we really did not expect and were totally surprised!

We headed directly to a hotel in Negombo, one of the famous Sri Lankan beach hotspots for a quick rest and refreshment. The same day itself we left Negombo for the Southern part of the country.  After spending one night in the capital city, Colombo that is located few hours away from the country’s international airport and Negombo we headed down the coast, generally known as down-south, a magnificent collection of exciting beach spots.

First we stopped at Bentota which is famous for its adventure tours ranging from Parasailing, Jet-Skiing, Kayaking and Banana Boat Riding. Being water-junkies we loved this place a lot. We almost spent 18 hours, day and night, in the water. The sea was so pristine and mildly rough which helped us to enjoy our water adventures.

We stayed in a beach hotel room that was just facing the mighty Indian Ocean. We really enjoyed the picturesque atmosphere of our room and the food too! We were able to taste the freshly cooked seafood that was just prepared in front of us. Unusually all of us liked the spicy taste of the food though we normally go for milder food items. In other places too, we loved the Sri Lankan cuisine though it was bit spicy and oily. Especially the fish fries and prawns vadai in the roadside carts.

An important thing that we admired during our Sri Lankan holidays is the luxury that we enjoyed. We were treated like kings (being so true!). All the hotels we stayed in were very comfy and some featured all the amenities that we normally encounter in five star hotels and resorts. Furthermore the locals are very friendly and they really like greeting foreigners with a warm smile. Not all of them are English speaking. However they try to understand what you say as much as possible and genuinely try to help you.

After spending 2 splendid days in the sea, sand and sun scene we moved to our next destination that is located almost on the Sothern tip of the island, Galle. This is one of the rustic cities boasting of ancient Sri Lankan traditions and showcasing many colonization ruins. Especially we were able to witness many Portuguese influenced buildings and monuments. It is believed that the Galle Fort a World Heritage Site is the largest remaining fortress in Asia built by European occupiers. Leaving this historic city we reached a party city of the South, Unawatuna. Unlike the other places we visited this place is not very conservative. This is may be due to trafficking arrival of Westerners. We enjoyed a beach party the whole night with BBQs, Sri Lankan Baila songs and dance. The next day early morning we had a long sleep in the bus during our trip to Arugam Bay, the ultimate Surfers’ spot in Sri Lanka.

Unlike the Southern beaches, this Eastern coast was loaded with powder-like white sand and the waves are lengthier and more forceful. Undoubtedly this is why Arugam Bay is renowned by many foreigners as one of coolest surfing points. Our boys enjoyed the long, rolling and consistent waves of Arugm Bay. We did not want to return to our resort as the waves were so welcoming and at times very challenging to handle which a Surfer would adore.

On the 6th day of our fun filled Sri Lankan trip, we went to Kumana National Park for bird watching followed by a lagoon tour. Our photographic friend in the group really enjoyed the trip as he was able to shoot vividly coloured birds and sceneries that are unique and pleasing to see. Again we went back to our cozy resort in Augam Bay. On that golden evening, while unwinding on the beach side varanda of the resort, we were able to discover that many Australians and Europeans annually return to Arugam Bay mainly for surfing in Arugam Bay. Though we were not too knowledgeable about Arugam Bay before coming, we were glad that our Tour Agents suggested this place for our surfing pleasure.

Finally we moved from this amazing surfing point with a promise that we will return next year too. On our way to Katunayake where the international airport is located we went to some of the archaeological sites featuring magnificent artistic flairs.

This ends the story of our visit to Sri Lanka. However as we have already decided we have plans to return to Sri Lanka for our next holiday and start our journey from Arugam Bay and cover the  rest of the country.

Thank you Inspire Voyage for an amazing holiday!



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