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Unbelievable Upland Attractions in Sri Lanka (hill country tours)

Sri Lanka Hill Country Tours


The paradise island of Sri Lanka is a land filled with rich diversity, which is why a holiday in Sri Lanka is overflowing with a variety of sights, sounds and attractions. Sri Lanka’s up country region is a place blessed with breathtaking natural beauty complimented by a cool climate that soothes the mind and body. The many hill country resorts that this island has, offer guests a relaxed retreat where nature and comfort take precedence over the stress of everyday life.

Kandy Sri Lanka is the famous hill country capital a city that is rich in cultural heritage and gorgeous natural surroundings. This city was the where the last great kings of the country ruled till the downfall of the monarchy once the British took over the country. Kandy is home to the sacred Temple of the Tooth an architectural marvel, which houses the Tooth Relic of the Buddha.  Once a palace complex, a visit here will take you back in time as you appreciate the intricate workings that the building showcases. You will also appreciate the centrally located Kandy Lake that reflects the golden roof of the temple in its waters. It was once the bathing lake the kings. If you visit during the July and August months you will be able to take in the famous annual Esela Perehara which is a colourful pagent held in honour of the Tooth Relic. Filled with vibrant dancers, beautifully adorned elephants and other such attractions you will be mesmerized by the event. Hotels in Kandy echo the rich heritage of the city and provide pockets of paradise for guests.

By traveling even further up country towards the famous Nuwara Eliya region you will find the heart of the tea industry. Referred to as ‘Little England’, the old colonials immediately felt nostalgic at the close resembles it town had to an English village. The architecture reflects its colonial past while the lush tea estates colour the landscape a deep green. The misty mountains add a touch of romance while the gushing waterfalls are nature’s own wonders. Be sure to visit a tea factory to see how the world famous brew is prepared and of course make sure to stock up on the famous Ceylon Tea. Visit the Horton Plains to trek towards World’s End, a breathtaking sheer drop, which will take you through grassy plains and lush forest vegetation.

Sri Lanka’s up country instantly relaxes your mind and fills you with a sense of well-being. Make sure to miss none of its attractions by organizing your trip through Inspire Voyage. The tours organized by Inspire Voyage incorporate all the best features of this up country wonderland.



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