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The varying destinations of Sri Lanka


You would think when you visit Sri Lanka that it would be all about the beach and sunbathing. Yet this tiny island manages to offer a different experience from location to location, so much so that Lonely Planet has listed them individually as interesting places in Sri Lanka worth visiting.

Number one on the list is of course the capital Colombo. It is no longer just a stopover or midway point to other more interesting locations. Colombo now has an appeal all of its own as more and more tourists stay to actually enjoy the Colombo attractions. In the recent past the city has been undergoing a major face lift with pathways, pavements and parks coming up around the city along with modern shopping malls, hotels and restaurants. Along with the modern, Colombo also has an echo of its Colonial past especially visible in the Fort area.

Colombo is definitely a shopping haven from high-end shopping malls, to boutiques to discount shops. Pavement markets are a great place to haggle for bargains.  Of course this capital city is a foodie paradise and you will be able to taste nearly every type of cuisine under the sun. You can pick from star class restaurants, to casual eateries and of course munch on tasty street food.

Second on the list of places in Sri Lanka is the hill country region.  When you visit this region you will actually take a minute to wonder if you are still in the same country. Golden beaches give way to lush green foliage and a cooler climate. You are greeted by gushing waterfalls and thick green tea estates that carpet the surrounding misty hills. You will be surprised to find yourself wearing your pullovers and woolly caps in Sri Lanka, but that will be your reality in the hill country, especially if you visit between the months of November and February.

Definitely not be forgotten is the famous down south region of the island. People travel the world over to experience the perfect beach holiday in Sri Lanka. While here you can indulge in all the beach activities you wish from surfing, to snorkelling to diving to simply getting the perfect tan.

Mentioned above is just a handful of the amazing destinations that Sri Lanka can lay claim to. Let Inspire Voyages take you through a journey of this amazing island nation that is tiny in size but huge in attractions.

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