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When you think Sri Lanka usually what immediately springs to mind are the endless beaches fringed by the swaying palm and coconut trees. While this is true this amazing tiny island also has the resources to give you the experience of a great wildlife holiday. Believe it is not you can enjoy adventure tours including a wildlife safari while in Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka has been blessed with an abundance of wildlife and you can see this wildlife first hand and even indulge in wildlife photography by visiting the many National Parks Sri Lanka has. The most well-known and popular park is of course the Yala National Park. This park is teeming with elephants, monkeys, sloth bears and the very elusive leopards. Take a guided jeep safari around the park and be amazed by the rich natural diversity of the park that has areas of thick jungle that lead to open spaces. There are certain areas of the Yala National Park that border the sea adding to the natural beauty of the location.

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Sri Lanka is a country that is famous for its wild elephants. These majestic creatures command respect as they slowly meander on their way in search of food and water. A great location to see these gentle giants is at the Wilpattu National Park which is actually Sri Lanka’s largest national park. It has natural depressions which fill with rainwater during the rainy seasons and so provide a natural haven for wildlife such as deer, wild boar, sloth bears, leopards and not forgetting the elephants of course. The Udwalawe National Park is an animal sanctuary for displaced wild animals. The Uda Walawe Reservoir was constructed for this sole purpose. There is also an Elephant Transit home where elephants are taken care of. You can see this from a distance as human contact is kept at a minimum. Here too you will be able to see elephants, samabar deer, golden jackals and golden palm civets. Leopards too inhabit the park but are hard to catch sight of.

The Minneriya Park is where you will find one of the largest gatherings of elephants while bird enthusiasts simply have to visit the Bundala National Park. It is filled with lagoons and thorny shrubs ideal for birds, monkeys and spotted deer.

Sri Lanka wildlife tours deliver more than the expected. Get in touch with Inspire Voyage to organize a holiday that will allow you to see Sri Lanka’s amazing wildlife in its natural habitat.



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